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Cocoa Beach

By Beatriz Williams

The simple truth is, this book is well written!  Composed mostly in the first person narration of the main character, the author has conveyed the deep and sharp-edged emotions of life during and after World War I.

Virginia meets Simon, a handsome and compelling British army surgeon in 1917 France, and falls in love against the backdrop of a terrible war. Soon after they marry, she finds out things unsettling about him that she just cannot overlook. She seeks refuge with her family in America, who are concealing their own dark secrets.  

In 1922, she is informed of her husband’s death and travels Cocoa Beach, Florida, where her estranged husband had started a business after the war, in order to settle his estate.  As she is confronted with the details of his life, she discovers the truths that she had come to believe long ago were actually lies. What she finds changes her perspective and cannot be undone. What she chooses to believe now will impact her life tremendously.